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Shop Home Office Furniture at Rooms and Rest

What type of desk is right for me?

Rooms and Rest offers a wide selection of desks for every need and every space. Standing desks and adjustable sit stand desks have exploded in popularity in recent years to prevent the physical toll of a sedentary lifestyle. If you experience back or neck pain or just feel the need to get up and move every now and then, an adjustable height desk is for you. If you need a large amount of workspace to account for multiple computers, devices, papers and plans, choose an L-shaped desk. If you need a lot of storage and don’t have room for extra furniture choose a desk with bookshelf, desk with drawers, or a desk with hutch. Rooms and Rest stocks desks in popular materials and styles like glass desks for a modern look, wood desks, computer desks, and kids’ desks.

Small scale office

Strapped for space? Or maybe you need a desk for your bedroom or living room? It’s easy to convert any space into a home office with small-scale furniture from Rooms and Rest. Start with a small desk like a writing desk or shell desk. Storage for books or organizers for office supplies don’t need to clutter your desk or take up your floor space —with wall-mounted shelving, you can add storage to any space no matter how small. To consolidate your desk and storage into one piece of furniture, choose a secretary desk, a single piece of furniture that sits against the wall and includes a fold-down desk surface complete with storage cubbies or shelves.

How to Set Up Your Home Office

No matter what size your room, you’re going to need a workspace, office storage, and somewhere to sit. If space is at a premium, you can opt for a standing desk and forego the chair altogether! Get a file cabinet or storage on wheels so you can easily tuck it under the desk to conserve space. If you prefer to sit some of the time, invest in a swivel desk chair that’s easy to move out of the way when you want to stand. Rooms and Rest offers desk chairs with wheels, office chairs with no wheels, ergonomic chairs, leather desk chairs, and mesh desk chairs. Storing books, a printer, office supplies, or your hanging files is easy with the wide selection of office furniture available from Rooms and Rest. We offer bookcase styles like leaning shelves, corner bookshelves, and bookcases with glass doors. If you need additional storage or want to expand your workspace, choose an office credenza that’s the same height as your desk.