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Meet Cindy Ringen

Addie Lehrke

My philosophy is definitely "Less is More". A gorgeous room doesn't mean buying more stuff to fill it, it's buying the right stuff! I've had a passion for design from childhood and even now, every time I walk into a room, I rearrange it in my head and plot out the things I would change to simplify and clean up the look.

I graduated from The Art Institutes International MN in Minneapolis, and have worked as a designer at different locations in the twin cities for years, and at Rooms and Rest in Mankato for the past 4 years.I definitely have my favorite "looks", however, it's not about me. I often have people ask what my style is... I love many different styles, but when working on a project, it is the customer that I focus on and their vision for their room. I like to encourage them to think outside the box and maybe do something different than what everyone else is doing .It's fun to help them come up with a plan that works specifically for the needs of their family.

Sometimes the hardest part is just knowing where to start. We all get so attached to our things and their place in our homes, we don't think to change them up, even if the pieces are not functioning well for us. I'm all about comfort, convenience and function. If a piece isn't serving a good purpose for you, why do you have it? Get something that does work!

For many clients, if you have pictures and the dimensions of your space, we can accomplish a lot right in the showroom and get that project started today!

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