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Meet Addie Lehrke

Addie Lehrke

Over the years our homes accumulate with furniture and accessories and the result can be overwhelming. "Many homeowners don’t know where to begin.” says Addie Lehrke, Interior Designer for Rooms and Rest and Interiors Home Furnishings. According to Addie though, there is good news: Creativity is as valuable as a big budget when it comes to transforming your home.

Addie has been bringing fresh and exciting home design to the Greater Mankato area for years. From a young age, Addie was drawn to the creative nature of Interior Design. She recalls watching Extreme Home Makeover and being inspired and moved. “I loved design and I really liked the appeal of helping people.” Years later, Addie’s creativity still reigns in her unique and inviting interior spaces.

So when faced with an Interior Design challenge, where should you begin? A fresh eye and opinion can help transform your space. “Many people are afraid of Interior Designers, but we are here to help.” Our designers are available for complimentary in-store or in-home consultations.

During home consultations, Addie views the home, it’s style, the clients needs, and the pre-existing furniture. She then makes recommendations based off these considerations and industry trends. Addie shares with a smile, “It’s not intimidating at all, I’m there to help the client and create the best end result.”

If you are looking for some creative encouragement and inspiration, come and visit with Addie at Rooms and Rest and Interiors Home Furnishings to start your free Interior Design consultation.

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